Carolina’s Best Mix

Catch DJ Roberts weekday afternoons for your chance to play "V103.3 Tri-V-ia"!  Just listen for DJ to give you a little trivia question to challenge your brain and be the first caller with the correct answer to win!  The V-Line's 800-849-1033 or 252-635-1033...know with DJ!

Monday, August 21st through Friday, August 25th, play “V103.3 Tri-V-Ia” with DJ in the afternoon for your chance to win a digital HD download of Disconnected (PG-13)! Frustrated by the status quo, fifteen-year-old Sean Crawford takes his dad's Tesla for a joy ride to see his crush - except he doesn't have a license and zero clue that the girl waiting for him is going to change his life forever in the span of a weekend.  

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Plus we have a 2 piece dark chicken dinner from Bojangles's!


"V103.3 Tri-V-ia" with DJ Roberts... on the station that makes it easy to win... especially considering you can use Google!