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8 months ago

Leonardo DiCaprio: ‘I’ve never taken drugs’ – Celebrity News – Digital Spy

The actor says his poor upbringing helped him stay clean in Hollywood.


8 months ago

Elizabeth Hurley Calls Bill Clinton Affair Rumor Silly, Totally Untrue

But you could TOTALLY believe it might’ve happened, right?


8 months ago

Katie Holmes-Jamie Foxx romance rumors swirl after Super Bowl

Holmes’ people deny the rumors…but what does the Foxx say? Click here and find out!


8 months ago

Selena Cancels Tour To ‘Spend Time On Myself’

Selena Gomez has canceled the Asian and Australian legs of her tour, saying that she’s needs some time for herself.


8 months ago

Katy Perry Blows THOUSANDS At Strip Club After Super Bowl

She tipped a girl…and she liked it!


8 months ago

Clay Aiken To Run For Congressional Seat in North Carolina

This time you can only vote for him once, though.


8 months ago

Military dad surprises daughter at Kinston school

Can’t get enough of these wonderful videos!!


8 months ago

Katy Perry Twitter Followers Record

Not that we’re counting or anything, but there are a select group of folks that rake in Twitter followers like whoa. You could probably guess who a handful of these famous peeps are – Lady Gaga, Oprah, Obama, and Ellen. But, the one who holds the title for the highest number may surprise

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