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10 months ago

Married Couple Injured In Marathon Bombing Cross Finish Line Together

Patrick Downes and Jessica Kensky were spectators last year, and were right in front of the first bomb, the blast leading to the amputation of each’s left leg below the knee. They were back at the finish line yesterday afternoon, this time as competitors.


11 months ago

Oprah Makes Pharrell Williams Cry

And it wasn’t because she showed him a picture of his hat! Actually, this is a very touching moment, as Pharrell reacts to all of the many videos people have made to his song “Happy.” ¬†Check out the interview HERE!


11 months ago

Worst Wheel Of Fortune Contestant Ever

I don’t know if we should feel more sorry for him, or for the University of Indiana.


11 months ago

30 Things North Carolinians Love

Soft fluffy biscuits, sweet tea by the gallon, and James Taylor. Y’all know it.


11 months ago

Ellie Goulding’s Burn, as you’ve never heard it before

Check out this ’60s girl group/doo wop style remake of Ellie Goulding’s “Burn” – complete with a saxophone that shoots fire called the “Flame-O-Phone,” lol! We totally want a Flame-O-Phone.


11 months ago

Boat That Inspired “Jaws” Is Now Calling Eastern North Carolina Home!

Cricket II will be restored and used to take veterans, wounded warriors and child cancer patients out fishing.

Amy K

11 months ago

It’s Autism Awareness Day!

Keep Calm and Light it Up Blue!   Check out this awesome video from Corbett Williams in Greenville, about Autism Awareness and why it is important!      

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