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2 days ago

Having A Rough Monday?

So are these Disney Characters!


5 days ago

Amy’s Happy Birthday From Marc’s Kids

My sister’s name is also Amy, so when I told James it was Amy’s birthday he asked me “Aunt Amy or your co-host Amy?” I told him it was my co-host and he took it from there: Sorry Amy…maybe Wesley’ll be more interested in wishing you a happy birthday NEXT year! – Marc M


6 days ago

Man builds ‘biggest fart machine ever,’ plans to aim it at France this afternoon!

Otherwise, not much going on today… British guy with too much time on his hands Colin Furze has built the “biggest fart machine ever!”  WELL, IT WAS ABOUT TIME! It’s a “valveless pulse jet machine” — and, to fit the theme, he also built a giant butt to put it in.  According to Gizmodo, Furze’s jet machine […]


7 days ago

Win Your Tickets to Under The Sun!

  Just listen to the 7:00 Brain Lock for your chance to win until Friday, August 1st!   Click here for more info on the show!


7 days ago

Jimmy Fallon & Dwayne Johnson’s Workout Videos

If you ever wanted to see Jimmy Fallon and Dwayne Johnson work out – ok, if you ever wanted to see DWAYNE JOHNSON work out – you need to check this out from last night’s Tonight Show. Yeah, they went there…and there…and OMG they went there?!?!?


1 week ago

Your never too old to dance!

Grandpa throws away his canes and gets down at a wedding. Looks like it works, too…watch as he picks up 2 lovely ladies!


3 weeks ago

21 Of The Funniest Lies Parents Ever Told Their Kids

These are half hilarious, half totally messed up!


3 weeks ago

James Sings “Let It Go,” Wesley Steals Show

Look, I know that this is too late – you’ve probably already seen 3,000+ Frozen parodies or videos of your friends’ kids singing Frozen songs. You’re “Frozen’d-out,” I get it.  I am too! But my kids were kinda late to the party…so let this be the LAST Frozen-related video you ever watch,  and be glad […]

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