Carolina’s Best Mix


My name is D.J. and I’m a DJ… Ironic right? I was born in Michigan. I knew I wanted to be on the radio since I was in 5th grade. I knew I wanted to connect with all sorts of people and my voice to come through the speakers. I was given that opportunity at a young age  when an old radio mentor helped me build a radio station out of my house. Yes a “pirate” station but I didn’t build it out of rebellion but passion. It was about a year later when I received an email from a guy claiming to be a Vice President of programming for a major radio network. What? What are the chances? It turns out he was passing through and heard my voice on a frequency that I wasn’t supposed to be on and that he understood my passion and wanted to meet to discuss my career goals! Say what! A president from a major network wants to meet with me? I was honored. Well he invited me out to his new station and gave me the weekend position on WCDY in Cadillac. I came in EVERY Saturday for a year and then one day he told me the company can pay me part time to host the evening show. Over time I took on more responsibilities part time at another radio station and a T.V. Station. Yes I was working 3 jobs all because of my sick obsession for broadcasting. That went on for about three years and then I decided to go out to Colorado for a morning show position. About a year after that I was given this opportunity to move to E.N.C! I get so excited every time I see a palm tree. I know this is my home and I will be here for a long time.

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