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This video has been making the rounds for the past week, showing a coach making contact with a nine year old little leaguer.  The coach merely says he was being demonstrative and that the “shove” was an accident…the parents want him to be suspended!

Check out the video for yourself HERE.

The league has since come to a decision on whether or not to discipline the coach, but they sent that decision only to the parties involved so we haven’t heard more about it yet.

Things to keep in mind when watching this video:

– it’s REALLY tough to tell what’s going on from the video, but you can see that some contact is being made.

– the umpire claims it was incidental contact,  and didn’t see anything that warranted immediate disciplinary action.

– the coach…is the MAYOR of Vanceboro!

– the mother and father are considering filing charges against the coach if no disciplinary action is taken.

– the kid, Jordan Jones of Vanceboro, was was asked why he didn’t like his coach, and his response was “because he gets mad all the time…because he just wants to win the game.”  Remember…he’s nine years old.


Where do YOU think the line needs to be drawn between “playing to have fun” and “playing to win?”