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Ladies and gentlemen, behold…THE “MASKIE!”


It’s time to take all of your pre-concieved notions of selfies and throw them out the window – because today, everything changes.  A paradigm shift, if you will, as I, Marc Miller, attempt to start a new trend that will blossom here in ENC, go viral and eventually take over the world!

It all started Wednesday afternoon: I was in the bathroom looking in the mirror and thinking about how so many people take those “mirror selfies,” yet I had never taken one…but I didn’t want to be like everyone else.  Besides, who would want to look at THIS face?  No, I had to jazz it up a bit, and with the help of my wife and some dry-erase markers, we single-handedly took selfies to the next level.

I give you: “THE MASKIE”

Simply draw a mask of your choosing on the mirror with the dry-erase markers.  Position your face behind the mask so that your eyes fit in the eye-holes and mouth fits in the mouth-hole.  Snap a pic and enjoy!

Get creative…and the beauty of it is, whatever you draw with the dry-erase markers easily erases off the mirror!

Give it a try – I mean, we’ve all seen your selfie duck-lipped face a million times…but have we seen your Batman-maskie duck-lipped face?  I THINK NOT!

Here are a few examples of my Maskie adventures – and yeah, the flower one is a little weird.  And yeah, they’re ALL a little weird.


image (3)

image (2)